Molly Baker’s musical journey on “June 28th”


Talk about Molly Baker, she is a solo artist who writes and performs her own music, playing vocals, piano, and guitar. In her artwork, she boasts of complete creative control over her music, allowing her to express herself more authentically.

Molly’s music is influenced by a wide range of artists, including Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Olivia Rodrigo, and Gracie Abrams. These influences are infused into her music messages.

Moreover, the music act has already gained experience performing at various music shows on the East Coast and has had radio play on Amazing Radio in the US and UK, as well as aBreak Music.

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Furthermore, this track marks a milestone for Molly, as it is her first song written entirely by herself, from scratch. The song’s lyrics explore a relationship in flux, capturing the uncertainty and longing that comes with it.

“June 28th” is a heartfelt song that showcases Molly’s storytelling prowess and musical talent. She is excited to share this great piece with a wider audience and connect with fans who resonate with her emotional and relatable lyrics across the globe.

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