The second album, “Habitat” of Deep Dive Species


Deep Dive Species have released their second album, “Habitat”, through Omninorm on May 3rd, 2024. The album is available on all major platforms, with a vinyl release coming at a later date.

After their debut LP, “Aquaphilia”, the duo took a short break. During this break period, Vadim Militsin travelled to Costa Rica, sampling local soundscapes, while Sergiy Popovich continued exploring guitar moods.

However, the unused tracks from “Aquaphilia” were too good to discard. Vadim’s perfectionism led to further adjustments and enhancements, resulting in incorporating new material from Sergiy. The EP grew into a full second album, showcasing the artists’ growth.

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Also, the album, “Habitat” features diverse tracks, including “Triple Peaks”, inspired by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch, and “Seventy 7”, drawing from 70th-80th electronica. The album is a cohesive and conceptual work with a diversified sequence of moods.

To this end, “Habitat” is a manifestation and an incredible album, showcasing the duo’s artistic growth and sonic exploration in the music industry. You sure would want to check it out.

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