A Piano Pop fusion single by Monique Angele, “Dreaming”


The Piano Pop sensational musician, Monique Angele on the bright day of 3rd May 2024, released her new single, “Dreaming”. The song is currently buzzing across various platforms and media.

Monique Angele

More so, this new track brings to its audiences around the world inner calm as it draws them away from the stresses of reality and offers an atmosphere of introspective reflection of full joy.

“Dreaming” has this magnificent start with soft tinkling piano keys, which sets the real foundation for the song’s opening. The melodies of the tune are a soothe to the ear, making it an easy earworm.

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Monique Angele

In the quest to make more discoveries, she gets exploratory on the importance of daydreaming which compels storytelling messages, encouraging the audience to be in a peaceful state of mind.

Monique Angele got her inspiration from the influence of various legendary musicians, including, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Queen and several others.

Monique Angele

Meanwhile, the artist’s music far surpasses any conventional genre of music thanks to its distinctive style. You sure don’t want to miss out on this great one.

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