‘For The Ages’ duo Alex and Tim’s new track, “Twilight Bay”


The For The Ages musical band, composed of Alex and Tim, have released a hot new dance single called “Twilight Bay”. The electronic music duo is known for their dynamic melodious sounds, and this latest track is no exception to that.

The song, “Twilight Bay” is an invitation to embrace the joy of movement, with its irresistible blend of drums, keys, synths, and vocals. This high-energy track is set to get bodies moving and hearts racing to its rhythm and melodies.

Moreover, the track features infectious grooves, catchy hooks, and a club-ready sound that is perfect for DJs and partygoers. The The Ages are known for their top-notch production quality, and “Twilight Bay” is a testament to that.

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The music video was shot in the coastal town of Newquay, England, adding an extra layer of excitement, with stunning vistas of the coastline and vibrant scenes from the heart of the city. Also, the video perfectly complements the energy of the track, making it a visual spectacular, not to be missed out on.

Overall, do not miss a chance to experience the magic of For The Ages’ latest track, let the music take you on a journey of pure euphoria. Go on and get yourself lost in the rhythm and dance to the beat.

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