St. Peter’s finish UPSHS in no time


St. Peter’s SHS, Nkwatia, brought their A-game straightaway into their first contest at the Round 16 of Senior Sharks 7.

The winners of Senior Sharks 5 did not waste time at all with their opponent, University Practice SHS (UPSHS), Cape Coast. St. Peter’s (Persco) were as brutal as they were clinical, finishing the contest way ahead of its logical conclusion.

Analysing their performance in their first contest in Sharks 7, the Perscodians, as St. Peter’s is also known, really looked like a championship team already. UPSHS on the other hand have excelled at their two callings in Senior Sharks 7, and were at the Round 16 deservedly.

The Cape Coasters beat St. Louis SHS and Aburi Girls at the First and Second Rounds respectively. Those two excellent performances justly considered UPSHS as one of the dark horses in Senior Sharks 7. Their only misadventure perhaps being that they crossed the path of Persco: a team on a mission.

Right Corner Round

UPSHS have had challenges with social literacy in their Senior Sharks 7 appearances so far. Fans expecting a significant improvement in this contest over their poor showings were sorely disappointed. Once again, they gave an unimpressive showing to end the round with just ten (10) points.

St. Peter’s were as alert as a chamois and didn’t fidget with their questions in any way, shape, or form. St. Peter’s SHS joined the few schools in Senior Sharks 7 to record sixty (60) points in this round.

R Cubed Round

In their two previous contests, UPSHS have averaged well in the Reading and Writing segment. They, however, backslide a little in this round, allowing St. Peter’s to pick their bonus questions correctly for more points.
St. Peter’s picked the bonus question from UPSHS in the Arithmetic segment for ten (10) points.

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Thereafter, every single question St. Peter’s buzzed for was greeted with a correct remark by the quiz mistress. UPSHS ended the round with a negative score of five (-5) points St. Peter’s SHS, focused and unconcerned about any other thing finished the round beautifully with fifty-five (55) points.

STEM Round

St. Peter’s gave no room for UPSHS to organise their thoughts, and picked the first riddle of the round. After three successful buzzes by St. Peter’s, UPSHS did not want to keep being spectators, and buzzed for a riddle but it was disastrous. UPSHS ended the round with a minus score of ten (-10) while St. Peter’s SHS brought another massive score of forty-five (45) onto their points tally.

One-on-one Round

As soon as scores at the end of Round 3 were announced, the fate of UPSHS in this contest was sealed. But as is customary with Senior Sharks 7, the final round will not let you leave Senior Sharks 7 empty-handed. Mitchell has been a dependable expert in English for UPSHS, and she faced William for St. Peter’s.

This time around, William shocked Mitchell, unscrambling the two words given to earn twenty (20) points for St. Peter’s. Adom and Brian were introduced as Math specialists for UPSHS and St. Peter’s respectively. Both missed the first question, but Adom was not to be ruled off on the second question, to earn first ten (10) points for UPSHS.

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When science specialists were asked, Edwin and Ampong answered for UPSHS and St. Peter’s respectively. Edwin added another ten (10) points to UPSHS with his correct answer to the second riddle. In General Knowledge, Joseph and Sylvester marched forward as experts for UPSHS and St. Peter’s respectively.

In the absence of any correct answer from the two gentlemen, scores at the end of the round gave twenty ( 20) points to each school. Final Scores declared gave UPSHS fifteen (15) points and St. Peter’s SHS an outstanding one hundred and eighty (180) points.

After their nail biting loss to Adisco at the semifinals of Senior Sharks 6, St. Peter’s appear to have an axe to grind. This five-star performance can only be bettered by only one school, and we shall soon find out.

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