Wesley Girl’s High School bow out of Senior Sharks 7


Wesley Girl’s High School, Cape Coast, have had their hopes of a second Senior Sharks quiz trophy dashed.

The Season 4 winners of the Senior Sharks quiz were eliminated from the competition by Labone SHS. Wesley Girl’s High School (Wey Gey Hey) were in high spirits coming into this contest, having chalked a comfortable win over Wallahs Academy at the Round of 16. Quite apart from that sweet victory, they are touted as being very sharp in Literacy and thus tend to earn the best scores around this area.

Labone SHS (Labosco) came in as a Super Ranked School on the back of a streak of wins in Season 6. How they competed intensely in this contest clearly showed that they hadn’t lost their Season 6 sharpness. Labone SHS completely dominated Wesley Girl’s to book another quarterfinal berth with the winner of the St. Thomas Aquinas vrs Okuapeman SHS contest.

Right Corner Round

As if competing against Wey Gey Hey is not draining enough, Labone also had to kick-start this contest with Wesley Girl’s High School. Amidst the range of questions on politics and history, they managed twenty (20) points which was ten (10) points better than Wey Gey Hey’s.

R Cubed Round

Labone’s Mitchell led the way, answering the Reading and Writing questions and acquitted herself creditably. Wesley Girl’s also had their hands placed firmly over the Reading and Writing questions.

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It was the Arithmetic segment that would separate the Laboscans from the Wesleyans.
Labone did not miss a single Arithmetic question they buzzed for while Gey Hey could only return one positive answer from the many they buzzed for. Scores at the end of the round indicated fifteen (15) points for Wesley Girl’s and Labone with sixty-five (65) points.

STEM Round

STEM questions in Senior Sharks quiz are sometimes significantly encrypted to elicit critical thinking. Wesley Girl’s were on point with their first buzzer of the round after Labone had missed on their hasty cut-in.

Undaunted by their first miss, Labone hit the buzzer again midstream of reading the second riddle and nailed it correctly. Against a scene of misses and incorrect answers, both schools were embroiled in low scores at the end of the round.

Scores thus showed negative fifteen (-15) points for Gey Hey and five (5) points for Labone.

One-on-one Round

If any team is capable of overturning an eighty (80) points deficit in Senior Sharks, Wey Gey Hey will reckon among the top. Akorfala met Michelle as English experts for Gey Hey and Labone SHS respectively.

Wesley Girl’s representative hit the second question correctly. Noble and Annabella put themselves up as Math specialists for Labone and Gey Hey respectively.

Noble took the two questions at lightning speed to leave Annabella bemused. Phyllis met Prince as Science experts for Gey Hey and Labone respectively. Both missed the first and second questions.

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Adelaide, who took the two questions in this segment in Wesley Girl’s contest with Wallahs Academy stepped up to face Orlando as General Knowledge expert for Labone. Unluckily for her and Orlando, none got the clues to both questions.

At the end of this round, Wesley Girl’s had ten (10) points while Labone SHS had twenty (20) points. Final scores had twenty (20) points for Gey Hey while Labone had one hundred and ten (110) points.

Quiz Results

With a total point difference of ninety (90), Labone SHS had delivered another shock in Senior Sharks 7. Congratulations to Labone and best wishes to Wey Gey Hey.

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