Labone SHS secure first ever Senior Sharks semifinals


Labone SHS have uplifted their status in the Senior Sharks fraternity after they made it into the semifinals of the quiz for the first time.

This is no mean feat, especially having to deal with Sharks Quiz veterans, Okuapeman SHS, at the quarterfinals. The contest itself showcased the strengths and abilities of these two outstanding mixed-schools.

Even though Labone, a.k.a LA Bone had swiftly emerged as frontrunners in the early stages of the contest, Okuapeman SHS didn’t let this discourage them. Okuapeman SHS (Okuass) worked round the clock in the STEM Round, and were gifted with a slight lead for their efforts.

Much of the damage to the chances of the mountaineers though had been done already in the Round 1 and especially in Round 2. Labone thus stood their ground as they completed the win that took them to a history-making first semi finals appearance of Senior Sharks.

Right Corner Round

Labone SHS ( Labosco) picked the toss first to answer the set of Social Literacy questions. With the benefit of hindsight, they had been poor in their last contest with Wey Gey Hey at the round of 16.

So fans were not taken aback with the twenty (20) points earned in this contest too. It was rather Okuass, who has been quite remarkable so far, but disappointed in this contest with just ten (10) points to end the round.

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R Cubed Round

It is worthy of mention that generally, most teams of Senior Sharks 7 have performed quite well in the Reading and Writing. The two teams competing in this contest also acquitted themselves well.

When it got to the Arithmetics segment, however, it was all Labone, with mathematical technician Noble, blazing like wild Californian fire. At the end of the round, scores showed Okuass with ten (10) points while Labone posted a colossal fifty (50) points.

STEM Round

Another snap buzzer for ten (10) points from the camp of Labone welcomed fans to the penultimate round. Okuass were able to pick up the pieces to hit correct buzzes on the next set of questions in this round.

Their tenacity paid off as they overtook Labone for the first time in the competition to earn twenty-five (25) points while Labosco had fifteen (15) points.

One-on-one Round

Only when Okuass put in their body, mind, and soul in this last round would they be able to scale the forty (40) points obstructing them from reaching the semifinals. With utmost alacrity, Lawrencia and Michelle were announced as English experts for Okuass and Labone respectively.

Zero (0) scores from them to start with.
Mathematics experts Noble and Fianko for Labone and Okuass respectively followed. Noble did perhaps what fans expected of him by snatching the second question. It was all jollity for the Labone fans in the auditorium.
Jeremiah and Prince were Science experts for Okuass and Labone respectively.

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The excitement continued unabated as Jeremiah took the first question while Prince took the second question. General Knowledge experts were Orlando and Richard for Labone and Okuass respectively.

None put in any more points for their schools.
With that, the score at the end of the round stood at Okuass, ten (10) points, and Labone, twenty (20) points. Therefore, final scores showed Okuass with fifty-five (55) points while Labone triumphed with a hundred and five (105) points.

To cross the hundred threshold in the quarterfinals of Senior Sharks 7 is a big deal. It means Labone SHS is up there with the best. Congratulations to them and best of luck to Okuass.

Quiz Results

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