St. Peter’s pip Ketasco in an exciting quarterfinal match up


The quarter finals tie of Senior Sharks 7 between St. Peter’s SHS and Keta SHS was so hotly contested, it had to come down to the fine margins.

Keta SHS (Ketasco) indeed gave St. Peter’s SHS a run for their money in this epic match of the last in the quarterfinals series. Both schools had their own set of objectives coming into this contest: St. Peter’s on their way to a second semi finals in three seasons, while Ketasco were looking for a first semi finals since Season 3.

With their own destinies staring in their faces,  both teams rolled up their sleeves for this life-defining contest. From the start of the contest, St. Peter’s, one of the topmost schools in Ghana sowed the seeds which were to bear the fruits of victory later on.

Ketasco, known to be very shrewd intellectuals themselves also displayed in-depth knowledge to beat St. Peter’s in the next round. But for the STEM round, we would be singing a different song today. Right Corner Round

The scores of Ketasco and St. Peter’s combined, the Round 1 of Senior Sharks 7 saw the highest points earned by any two schools. St. Peter’s had seventy (70) points while Ketasco earned sixty (60) points, to confirm the high levels of intellect awaiting fans in this contest.

R Cubed Round

St. Peter’s were the more disciplined side in the Reading and Writing segment, bagging bonus points from Ketasco. The Nkwatia-based school were, however, pegged back by the Ketasco team in the Arithmetic segment.

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Thus end of round scores went in favour of Keta SHS who had forty (40) points and St. Peter’s, stylistically known as Persco, with thirty (30) points.

STEM Round

With no time available to faff around, St. Peter’s picked the first riddle of the round for ten (10) crucial points.
Keta responded and came into the contest strongly, with their own impressive buzzes to the riddles.
Places and positions would be switched again for the third time in this contest as St. Peter’s ended the round in the lead with thirty (30) points and Keta SHS with twenty (20) points.


Interestingly, none of the schools had so far won any round with more than ten (10) points, making the final round a must-win for either of them. As English experts, William from St. Peter’s faced off with Kelvin from Keta.

There was to be pins and needles for fans of both schools as these experts shared the twenty (20) points at stake. In Math, Brian and Chris appeared as specialists for St. Peter’s and Ketasco respectively.

They left the podium without leaving any points in addition to their respective scores. Science specialists were Perpetual and Ampong for Ketasco and St. Peter’s respectively.

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Ampong was as sharp as a tack to pick the first question, but both he and Perpetual could not come up with a correct answer to the second question. Alfred and Josephus showed up as General Knowledge experts for Keta and St. Peter’s respectively.

First question went for ten (10) points for Alfred, but tried as he did, he could not identify the audio uploaded, nor could Josephus. Thus, end of round scores had Keta with twenty (20) points, tied with St. Peter’s also at twenty (20) points.

Quiz Results

Scores tally for this contest fought in ‘summa cum laude’ mode gave one hundred and forty (140) points to Ketasco. A very relieved St. Peter’s SHS won this contest with one hundred and fifty (150) points.
Congratulations to both schools.

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