avPOLAr teams up with Tara-Ashleigh to release, “Say My Name”


The avPOLAr, an incredible duo comprising Angus Woodhead and Vern Connor, is revolutionizing the music scene by pairing local singers with epic club anthems with a mission to promote local talents.


Vern Connor lays the foundation with his expertise in analogue and digital synths, while Angus Woodhead brings the tracks together with driving rhythms and punchy arrangements.

Their latest release, “Say My Name”, features 23-year-old Tara-Ashleigh, a talented singer, songwriter and actress. The song is a heartfelt reflection on past love, passion, heartbreak, and trauma.

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Moreover, her music aspirations are to touch souls and offer liberation through her musical artwork. She is very eager to explore the entertainment world, collaborating with remarkable producers, songwriters, and fellow artists in the industry.


The talented duo’s innovative approach to music production showcases local talents and creates epic club anthems. With “Say My Name” and future releases, they are sure to ignite the dance floor and leave a lasting impact on the music industry.

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