Sahara CyberStars’ latest song, Modern Life


Sahara CyberStars just released their latest single, ‘Modern Life’. The musical duo made up of award-winning singers and songwriters, Dave Long and Trish Long just dished out one more of their eclectic original musical compositions.

The song talks about the woes of our world today compared to the joys before it. Thus, in the relentless pursuit of progress, we have turned life into a cutthroat competition, where the pace is frenetic and the stakes are high. However, in this frenzied race, who is looking out for those left behind? The irony is stark – once, families vacationed in tents and caravans, now, they are a desperate refuge for the homeless.

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The housing crisis has spiralled out of control, leaving even the employed struggling to keep a roof over their heads. The dream of a better life has become a distant memory, replaced by the harsh reality of survival in the modern life of today.

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