Shyfrin Alliance’s latest track, “Unconditional”


Exciting news for all the fans of Blues-rock as Shyfrin Alliance have just released their second single, “Unconditional” onto all streaming platforms this June 14th. You are certainly going to love it.

More so, this electrifying track follows from the group’s previous single “Whiskey Blues” which amassed thousands of plays and several exciting comments from fans across the globe.

“Unconditional” is a classy and ear-warming second single release from their 12-track debut album, “Upside Down Blues”. The album will be a welcome addition to the libraries of Blues-rock fans worldwide.

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Eduard Shyfrin’s passion for music is so strong that despite his success in other fields of life, he still has to reintroduce himself as a musician with the Shyfrin Alliance.

To end with, the album “Upside Down Blues” promises to be a masterpiece, showcasing the band’s unique sound and Eduard’s remarkable vocal talent of melodies.

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