Kelsie Kimberlin Celebrates Transgender With New Release, ‘Twinkle’ Off Her Debut EP


Popular American-Ukrainian singer and songwriter, Kelsie Kimberly has made a great comeback in a grand style with a new song dubbed ‘Twinkle’. It was accompanied by a well-shot music video.

The song released on May 31, 2024, from her debut Extended Play (EP) ‘The Drawer’ fulfills its purpose of celebrating the transgender in the modern-day society where many of such caliber are chastised and ridiculed.

“Twinkle is my celebration of transgender youth at a time in our history where some factions of society want to vilify and erase them. In my video, I spend time with an amazing 12-year-old transgender girl named Dempsey as we have fun visiting the Gaylord Ice Sculptures and Disney World,” she noted.

In the video available (Here), Kelsie and the amazing 12-year-old girl named Dempsey Jara danced, sang, and laughed about the joys of life. Dempsey’s infectious energy will bring smiles to everyone as she shows that she is just like any other child her age in terms of what she needs to thrive and succeed — love, acceptance, and a nurturing family. She describes her a ‘Twinkle Little Star’.

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“Together, we can break down the walls of ignorance, fear and prejudice so every human can live to their full potential with dignity and respect.” The video of Kelsie and Dempsey together was filmed on a GoPro and iPhone to give the video a close and personal feeling.

‘Twinkle’ by Kelsie Kimberly, if promoted properly and many of such songs from our superstars are encouraged, will go a long way to counter the ongoing trend in modern-day society where transgenders are being discriminated against and the call by politicians, religious groups to banmaterials that have links with transgender.

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‘Twinkly’ is available on all streaming platforms and the video available on YouTuber as well.

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