George Bolton Revives 90s Techno With New Album ‘Atomic’


One of the notable figures in the 90s Boston Trance Scene, George Bolton has returned with a new masterpiece ‘Atomic’ under the auspices of his reimagined project ‘George Bolton’s Transcendental.’

The album which was released on the 24th day of May 2024 marks a revival of his authentic 90s Techno/Trance project, ‘Transcendental,’ playing synthesizer and handling samples. His musical prowess and passion for electronic music are evident in every track in ‘Atomic.’

“George Bolton’s Transcendental” is a modern revision of Bolton’s 90s project ‘Transcendental,’ which was a staple of the burgeoning Boston Trance Scene. Bolton has been involved in another project dubbed ‘The Screaming Pope,’  for the past three years which has successfully garnered modest success and positive press.

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While deeply rooted in Techno and Trance, ‘Transcendental’ draws inspiration from different arrays of musical genres, transcending the confines of traditional EDM.

Although George Bolton’s ‘Transcendental’ is a new product in the market, he intends to embark on DJ gigs following a few more successful releases, bringing his electrifying music to live audience.

Bolton who has his own studio in his house, located in Boston, recorded ‘Atomic’ there. To remain steadfast in his DIY, the catalog was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure a high-quality listening experience.

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‘Atomic’ is looking at being a danceable, club-friendly project, crediting its influence to Techno and its immediate offshoots. The album is beautifully made to wow listeners with its rhythmic beats and entrancing melodies.

Listen to ‘Atomic’ by George Bolton and make sure to leave a comment and share.

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