Gianfranco GFN “Soft” New Single Release


GIANFRANCO GFN, renowned as the Swiss maestro of Blues and Jazz, has made quite an impact on the world of Blues music with his latest release, “SOFT,” which holds the distinguished seventh (7th) position on his upcoming album – a testament to his musical prowess and innovation. The highly-anticipated song was officially released on all major streaming platforms on May 28, 2024, captivating audiences with its emotive storytelling and soul-stirring melodies.

His eagerly awaited album comprises a total of thirteen (13) exceptional tracks, with “Soft” being positioned as the seventh on the list, showcasing a remarkable artistic progression and maturity. The profound lyrics and heartfelt composition of “Soft” have resonated deeply with listeners, contributing to its significant stream count and popularity.

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Gianfranco’s musical finesse has already enraptured the hearts of many with his mesmerising tunes, offering solace and inspiration. Among the plethora of his renowned compositions, notable ones include “Once Upon a Time,” “Sea and Sun,” “Say Goodbye,” “Go Away,” “Staying Alive,” “Hope,” “Island,” and the latest addition “Soft,” each contributing to his meteoric rise in the music scene.

In addition to these remarkable songs, an extensive selection of Gianfranco’s compositions is available for streaming and enjoyment through Apple Music, providing audiences with an immersive musical experience.

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Experience the transcendent artistry of “Soft” by Gianfranco GFN across various platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and more, allowing you to delve into the exquisite musical landscape crafted by the acclaimed King of Blues and Jazz.”

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