SIR-VERE’s remix with Rory Hoy, “Orbital Rocktronics Part 1”


SIR-VERE and Rory Hoy have collaborated on a new remix package, “Orbital Rocktronics Part 1,” which showcases their unique blend of indie alternative culture and electronic music flair.

More also, the package features remixes of tracks from SIR-VERE’s catalogue, including the critically acclaimed Lovescope album, as well as the collaborations. Bringing a fresh perspective to his music.

The lead track, “Extra Beat in My Heart”, has a nostalgic nod to the big beat scene of the late 90’s and early 00’s, with a modern twist. This track is sure to resonate with fans of the genre across the globe.

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Rory Hoy, a multi-award winning music producer, DJ, author, and a filmmaker, with an impressive resume that includes 8 albums, hundreds of singles and remixes, and collaborations with major artists.

“Orbital Rocktronics Part 1”  is a must-listen for fans of big beats, breakbeats, and leftfield house music. It is full blend of indie alternative culture and dirty funk workouts. I bet you, this remix package is set to be a hit.

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