Mountains Of The Moon EP Release By Cassava Groove Temple



Cassava Groove Temple is a visionary music collective hailing from the United Kingdom that has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music since their inception in 2018.

Their debut EP, self-titled Cassava Groove Temple, introduced listeners to their unique blend of genres and innovative sound design. Now, with their latest release, “Mountains of the Moon,” they’re taking their artistry to new heights.

This captivating four (4)-track EP is a masterclass in eclecticism, seamlessly weaving together elements of chillout, drum and bass, and jungle music. The result is a thrilling sonic journey that will leave you breathless. Crunchy synths, pulsating basslines, and slamming breakbeats come together in perfect harmony, creating an energetic state of focus that’s impossible to resist.

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The collective’s ability to blend unique sound design with enthralling composition is on full display throughout the EP. Each track is a testament to their innovative approach, showcasing intricate melodies and exotic rhythms that will transport you to a world of sonic bliss. From the soaring leads of “Moonrise” to the hypnotic grooves of “Safari,” every moment is a testament to Cassava Groove Temple’s skill and creativity.

With “Mountains of the Moon,” Cassava Groove Temple cements their position as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking electronic music group currently.

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This spectacular cutting-edge project is a must-listen for anyone looking to expand their musical horizons and experience the thrill of the unknown. So why wait? Embark on a journey to the Mountains of the Moon and discover the magic of Cassava Groove Temple for yourself.

Listen to Mountains Of the Moon directly on Spotify by clicking this link.

Cassava Groove Temple is ever ready for your bookings where they’ll electrify the atmosphere of any event with their mind blowing melodies.

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