Shasau “Futuristan” Album Release


In the tech-driven world we are living in currently nothing is impossible. You can do anything with the help of technology know-how and equipment.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has achieved a great milestone in the world of technology.

Everyone is trying to adapt to the new wonders of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trying to incorporate it into our daily activities to boost productivity.

A musical artist known as Shasau signed under the Ominorm record label has taken the usage of AI technology to another level by composing a whole album with the help of AI music composers with only a little touch of keyboarding and vocals done by him.

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The “Futuristan” album originally released on 7th June 2024 comprises 90% AI-generated tunes.

The greater part of the song-making was done by AI technology which demonstrates the evolution of technology.

One of the notable songs from the album is titled “1996” and exemplifies the accomplishments of the fusion of human melody with electric music.

Some of the contributing individuals to the execution of these jaw-dropping songs are Vadim Militsin in charge of mixing, as well as polishing and Bill Selar who took care of remastering the songs.

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You can stream some of the other tracks featured on the album on leading streaming platforms such as Spotify , YouTube .

Here is a direct link to visit the official website of Shasau where you can interact with him .

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