Tidal Water’s first ever single, “Corrupted”


Tidal Water has released a new track which was founded by Martin Hovden, titled “Corrupted”. The single is now available on all streaming platforms and has quickly gained attention from music enthusiasts, labels, and radio shows.

He is a multi-talented artist as he is also a vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Martin’s passion for music is fueled by his societal concerns and personal experiences, which he infuses into the artist’s music making it more unique.

They have the support of a team of musicians and producers, including the likes of Txai Fernando, Johannes Rad√ły (Papa J), Leif Johansen, Renato Anesi, Jims Lehner, and Markus Matland. Each member brings their unique expertise and creativity to the table.

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“Corrupted” was recorded at Lindaas Lyd’s studio, Vaalerenga Platefabrikk, which supports the music’s distinctive sound quality. The song serves as a powerful form of social commentary, tackling issues like greed and systemic inequality.

The track’s impactful lyrics and enjoyable performances, making it a promising start to Tidal Water’s forthcoming album “Polarity”.
Hope you don’t miss out on that.

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