Kelsie Kimberlin mirrors life’s drawers in The Drawers EP

Kelsie Kimberlin mirrors life’s drawers in The Drawers EP released recently.

Music is said to be the food of life that transcends into our minds and feeds the excesses of the soul. We celebrate Kelsie Kimberlin, a famous pop singer following the release of ‘The Drawer’, her first eight-track EP. The songs on the EP are The Drawer, Fatal Attraction, Meet Me Anywhere, Summertimes Gone, January Through December, and Recovery including Parking Lot and Twinkle which’s music videos were released prior to the release of the EP.

The The Drawer extended play(EP) clearly tells us about Kelsie’s personal life where she tells the world that, her life like a cupboard is full of many drawers and as such, each drawer in the cupboard stores different things so is the drawers of her life which comes with accompanying emotions.

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  Indeed, life comes with many drawers. We have drawers of marriage, drawers of birth , drawers of education, drawers of religion, drawers of relationship and all the drawers we can think of in this life. But then, all these come with their emotions. Some emotions like love, grieve, fame, success, victory, sadness, happiness and all the emotions we can think of in life.

   However, all these are inevitable, they are part of life and so, we should be ready to face every emotion the drawers of life bring. For we will soon graduate from them and they will become our history so we can tell our stories to posterity.

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   Considering this, it reveals the musical prowess of Kelsie. The The Drawer is really informative and inspirational. Kudos to Kelsie and she should continue with the wonderful works in the music industry.

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