Sarkodie’s Oofeetsɔ historically tops youtube’s trending list for a week.

Sarkodie's Oofeetsɔ historically tops youtube's trending list for a week.

Music lovers seem not to be having enough of Sarkodie’s ‘Oofeetsɔ’ tune. The finest Ghanaian rapper took many by surprise, with the release of the tune over the past weekend.

Moreover, the tune rose to the top of youtube’s trending list with the fastest speed ever, in Ghana’s music history. Following the release, it has stayed on the number 1 spot of the trending list throughout the week, and even still atop the list now. The single has also been able to garner nearly 500,000 views on the platform.

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The song which featured Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame, is a banger attributed to Sarkodie’s massively patronized, This Is Tema music festival. With the music video showcasing all that took place at the historic event, it was also meant to make a bold statement.

As earlier noted, many detractors sought to undermine the rapper with the assertion that, most of his recently released songs are merely overhyped. However, Sarkodie proved them otherwise by releasing this tune without any prior notice to fans.

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Sarkodie's Oofeetsɔ historically tops youtube's trending list for a week.
Oofeetsɔ trending on the number 1 spot.

Amazingly, no video has also been able to take it off the number 1 spot on YouTube for over a full week after the release. This proves that even without the hype of a continuous announcement of a release, Sarkodie’s song can still make heavy waves.

Meanwhile, you can check out the video below: