ABOUT iCHRIS, an autobiography of the name behind this blog.

iChris, officially known as Anamoo Christopher Emmanuel (ACE) is an exuberant young Ghanaian blogging talent. He began his blogging journey with a vision of broadening and expediting the reach of quality, credible, and comprehensive news content to millions around the world.

With this rationale, the young celebrity blogger kickstarted this journey at a very tender age[started at age 12] but never relented in his effort to realize his dream of one day forging a globally acclaimed facts-driven online content giant. Just like any other venture, starting was no child’s play though I was a child when I conceived the idea. What an irony, right?


In the initial stages, the dream was kept alive by running sub-domain blogs[free blogs on Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress]. These free blogs were fueled by the unswerving hope of one day getting to own and run a fully-fledged website. Indefatigably working hard to keep the dream alive, he unreservedly gave his best on those blogs despite any adversities that came his way.

During the same period, iChris launched his social media presence by creating social media pages for his blog. he first created a Facebook page, @ichrisghana, and later followed suit with Instagram, @ichrisgh; Twitter, @ichrisgh; and Tiktok, @ichrisgh respectively. This immensely helped in bringing the blog thus far.


iChris as time went by landed an opportunity to partner with a Nigerian colleague, Danny Paul on www.spinexmusic.com from which Spinex Music Ghana was curated. Subsequently, he doubled as the content creator and chief-in-editor at www.eye975fm.com, owners of the erstwhile Eye 97.5 FM, Accra.

In 2020, iChris was nominated for the Social Media Entertainment Awards(SOMEA) in the Discovery of the Year category. Avance Media recognized iChris as one of the Top 50 Ghanaian bloggers for two consecutive years, 2021 and 2023.

Moreover, speaking of Awards, iChris has been nominated in various prestigious awards schemes. Notable among these is the Pulse Influencer Awards 2021, where he was nominated for Facebook Influencer of the Year and Music Influencer of the Year. At the Pulse Influencer Awards 2022, he was again nominated in the Facebook Influencer of the Year category.

Meanwhile, currently, iChris has an audience of over 1 million followers across his social media pages and his website. Thus, he can boast of a staggering over 465,000 followers on Facebook and a similarly huge fan base on other platforms.


Eventually, iChris created www.ichrisgh.com as his first independent body of work, meant to realize his dream of providing the most authentic and trusted online content. In view of this, one can now proudly say the brand has solidified to realize its long-awaited dream.

The website’s tagline, “The Premier Hub of Pop culture, Urban Entertainment, and Lifestyle.” was coined from this very rationale, the iChris dream. It has ever since chalked significant milestones in the pursuit of its ultimate success.

Drawing the curtains closed, care to know how the brand name ‘iChris’ came about? Well, the initial letter ‘i’, stands for ‘impeccable’, which makes the full meaning of the name, ‘impeccable Chris’. Thank you.

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