Apognaba joins fight against autism stigmatization in Miss Upper East 2019.


The numerous myths associated with the mental developmental disorder, autism has become an unceasing misery to many families in Ghana. Wikipedia defines this health condition, which could also be referred to as intellectual disability as a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

Though clearly stated and proven to be just a disorder of the intellect, many still choose to attach many spiritual interpretations to it. Due to this, they tend to stigmatize, humiliate, abuse and in most cases completely isolate victims of such conditions.Read also: Miss Yaa Asantewaa 2019 contestants, check them out.

It is in light of this dire situation of human rights abuse, that Apognaba, a contestant of Miss Upper East 2019 seeks to champion the course of advocating against this. She would be embarking on a campaign against the stigmatization of people living with such disability, to help eradicate the inhumane treatment meted out on them. Aside from advocating for the total abolishment of such acts, she would also intervene in the lives of people living with the disability.

Support Apognaba

Everyone regardless of their disability still embodies the right to equal human rights. So help Apognaba to realize this project by voting for her to win the competition.

Apognaba joins fight against autism stigmatization in Miss Upper East 2019.


Vote for her through the shortcode, *858*1# and select the name Apognaba.

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