Sarkodie shuts down Ceek’s website with over 2 million massive traffic for Black Love Virtual Concert

Sarkodie, Ceek's website, Black Love Virtual Concert

The much anticipated virtual concert of Ghana’s multiple BET award-winning rapper, Sarkodie, Black Love Virtual Concert ended as an unforgettable history-making success. Though a large number of the fans, who were craving to catch the show live on Ceek, were unable to do so, the show still turned out a record-setting success.

Most people were not able to watch the show on Ceek as planned, because the overwhelming number of traffic[website visitors] that wanted to log on to the website of the video streaming platform. The numbers were too massive, the website could not contain all those numbers at ones, which caused it to break down. Therefore, leaving many people unable to watch the show on the platform as initially planned.

Moreover, according to the statistics, Sarkodie and his Sarknation shut down Ceek’s website with over 2 million traffic trying to log in within the same time. That was why many of those who trooped in to Ceek, to watch the Black Love Virtual Concert were unable to do so.

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However, to provide an alternative for those who were still unable to watch the concert on Ceek, even after technicians had tried to manage the increasing numbers, the video streaming platform finally streamed the show on their Facebook page too. And that was what many of those who wanted to watch, despite all the challenges had to fall back on.

At the end of the concert, aside from the over 2 million people who tried to watch the show on Ceek, many of whom could not watch. The Black Love Virtual Concert was able to amass a viewership of over 300 thousand people, watching from Ceek and Facebook, which was definitely historic.

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Watch snippets from the show below:


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