Black Sherif becomes a school dropout as he confirms dropping out of UPSA


Black Sherif has dropped out of school as he confirms quitting UPSA. The rapper who turned 20 years old a few weeks ago was a student at the University of Professional Studies, Accra when he released his ‘Sermon’ tracks that threw him into the spotlight.⁠

⁠Interacting with his fans on snapchat, the ‘Second Sermon’ rapper born Mohammed Ismail Sherif, was asked what programme he was studying at UPSA and he replied “hmm bro, I can’t with that school. I’ve left ei” and added a crying emoji.⁠

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⁠Detailing why he quit the school after a fan asked “why have you left UPSA?” the rapper responded saying “honestly, I felt behind and wanted to start over. You understand?”⁠

The ‘Second Rapper’ later disclosed that “nah I’m in a different school now” which has been revealed as the University of Ghana when another snapchat user asked him “you felt behind so you left UPSA. The Legon you go fit?”.⁠

According to him, if he is not able to cope at Legon, he will quit. “If I no fit then I lef come house. Nobody send me na,” he said. See the screenshots of the interactions below as he also spoke about his favourite musicians and more.⁠

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SOURCE: Pulse Ghana

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