Content production, Advertising, Digital Marketing Company, Visual Display Network (VDN) signed a one year Event Coverage Partnership deal with Pulse Ghana in 2021. The sole aim of the partnership was for Visual Display Network (VDN) to be present at the topmost Events that happened in Ghana throughout the year, both Accra and other regions, to cover what goes on at the event ground exclusively for Pulse Ghana to share on their social media platforms and develop stories around them.

The event coverage team of Visual Display Network (VDN) were present at events like the VGMA’s, Live With Kidi at Cocovanilla, All Black with Kwabena Kwabena, Live With AMG Medikal at Cocovanilla, Miss Malika 2021 Grand Finale, Ghana Music Awards UK and so on. This also served as a good revenue source for Visual Display Network (VDN) as they were paid a retainer every single month.

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After the year ended, Pulse Ghana were extremely satisfied with the work ethic and result Visual Display Network (VDN) showed during this partnership and it was decided by the Pulse Team to resign Visual Display Network (VDN) and continue this beautiful partnership.

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