Kuami Eugene stole my ‘One Corner’ song for his ‘Fire Fire’ song – Patapaa


Kuami Eugene stole my ‘One Corner’ song for his ‘Fire Fire’ song – Patapaa

It has been months since Kuami Eugene released Fire Fire, one of the songs on his Afro Highlife EP. He released the song’s music video four months ago and it currently has over 1 million views on YouTube.

However, little did we know a line in the song was supposedly stolen from Patapaa’s One Corner song. Thus, not until the viral song’s hitmaker accused Kuami Eugene of song theft.

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Moreover, in a recent video, Patapaa insulted Kuami Eugene for stealing his ‘One Corner’ song.
“You have exhausted your lyrics, now you are using my “one corner” phrase. When you wake up you say “one corner” is not a good song and now you are using the phrase? Thief! …I never knew you will even use my “one corner” in your song. Kuami Eugene your head like toilet roll,” Patapaa angrily stated.

Watch the video below:

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