PRESEC Legon wins NSMQ 2022, beats Prempeh College and Adisadel College – #NSMQFinal


PRESEC Legon wins NSMQ 2022, beats Prempeh College and Adisadel College – #NSMQFinal.

The grand finale of the National Science and Maths Quiz(NSMQ) 2022 was held today at KNUST. The much-anticipated quiz contest took place at the Great Hall, KNUST.

The competing finalist schools were PRESEC Legon, Adisadel College, and the then defending champions, Prempeh College. The grand finale saw a fierce battle among these schools as they strove for the ultimate prize and the bragging right as winner of NSMQ 2022.

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Moreover, PRESEC Legon emerged winners of the NSMQ 2022 at the end of the grand finale. They beat stiff competition from the defending champions, Prempeh College and Adisadel College. By the end of the contest, Adisadel College had 32 points, Prempeh College had 41 points and the winners, PRESEC LEGON had 50.

Meanwhile, there was a closing ceremony at 2 pm, preceding the grand finale, which just ended. You can watch the Livestream of the NSMQ 2022 grand finale below.

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Watch the NSMQ 2022 Grand Finale Live below:

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