Yaa Jackson gives birth, shares videos of pregnancy and baby


Yaa Jackson gives birth, shares videos pregnancy and baby.

Popular Ghanaian young Kumawood actress, Yaa Jackson delivers a baby boy. After hiding her pregnancy for months, she now gives birth to a bouncy baby boy.

The teenage actress hid her pregnancy until recently when she could not hide her baby bump anymore. This was for obvious reasons and most probably for the fear of being mocked for being a teenage pregnancy victim.

Prior to this, rumours made rounds that she had gotten married. However, her father, Mr. Jackson Bentum debunked it stating he would only get married in Kumasi, where her family is. He explained her boyfriend just came to formally introduce himself to the family.

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Nonetheless, Yaa Jackson is now a mother as she delivers her first child. She took to her Instagram handle to announce the good news. She posted a video of her baby and that of ther baby bump afterwards.

Watch the videos below:

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