Kelsie Kimberlin’s fusion of Pop and Latin Pop, “Parking Lot”


The international singer, Kelsie Kimberlin has recently gained much popularity, especially on social media platforms with millions of views, streams, plays and media coverage for her music.

Kelsie Kimberlin

The singer’s latest single, Parking Lot is a blend of Pop music and Latin Pop which was released alongside its music video featuring legendary Colombia producer, Pedro Vengoechea and some amazing Colombian dancers. Cristian Flores, a professional film director who directed this particular music video took the opportunity of the venue to create an exciting, hot and fun-filled video.

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Kelsie recently targeted at turning the worlds focus on the horrors of the war and the dire need to help Ukraine gain total victory and liberation. Following the release of her last five artworks, all have ever since been dedicated to her mother’s beloved country, Ukraine.

Kelsie Kimberlin

Moreover, the track has an extremely cool Latin groove blended with an excellent Spanish guitar emphasizing and countering the vocals.

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