Is ‘Bentua’ a weapon for coup? – Mahama ridicules

Is ‘Bentua’ a weapon for coup? – Mahama ridicules
Prez John Dramani Mahama

Former President John Dramani Mahama has praised Ghanaians for their great sense of humor following their lighthearted reactions to news of an alleged coup plot in Ghana, saying that he, through the development, got to know that even “bentua” could be used as a weapon in a coup plot.

When news of a coup plot broke, many on social media made light of it by posting various items such as cooking utensils, carpentry tools among others that they playfully said could be used as weapons in a coup.

Speaking at a recent event, the former President was full of praise for Ghanaians for their great sense of humor, saying “that is the good side.

The former President indicated that he had joined the #CoupChallenge, even explaining how some weird weapons could be helpful in a coup.

“There was this challenge going on of people showing possible weapons that can be used in a coup d’etat. There was this one that was very intriguing because there was the wooden spatula that is used to stir banku that we popularly call ‘Bankuta’…. and I said well passable; that can be used as a so you can hit the guy at wherever you’re going to attack with the bankuta and he may fall unconscious,” he joked.

Meanwhile five persons are standing trial over an alleged plot to destabilize the country. Veteran journalist Kweku Baako has revealed that there is video and audio evidence of the arrested persons scheming to overthrow the current government.

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