Sarkodie debunks ‘Oofeetsɔ’ was a diss to Shatta Wale.

Sarkodie debunks 'Oofeetsɔ' was a diss to Shatta Wale.
Shatta Wale and Sarkodie

Many were those who directly associated the content of Sarkodie’s trendy, ‘Oofeetsɔ’ to his ‘archrival’, Shatta Wale.

The foremost BET best International flow winner’s Oofeetsɔ tune contained lyrics that could be referred to as trolls to his detractors. For this reason, music lovers and fans sought to deem it a diss to his ‘grudge bearer’, Shatta Wale.

However, the multiple award-winning rapper uprightly shot down the speculations. He debunked the claims, stating that Oofeetsɔ is just a great tune everyone can relate to. And it is not in any way a diss to anyone, much less Shatta Wale.

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Answering to a question about his current relationship with Shatta Wale, he said this in response:

“I don’t know what it is but we definitely have to straighten a few things.”

Sarkodie made these declarations in a very recent interview with Joy News.

An amazing fact about Oofeetsɔ, which features Prince Bright (Buk Bak) is that, it was able to stay atop YouTube’s trending list for an entire week after release. And surprisingly, it’s still trending even after the week.

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