Samini reacts to Stonebwoy and Kelvyn Boy’s recent outburst, “Never bite the hand that feeds you”

Samini reacts Stonebwoy and Kelvyn Boy’s recent outburst, “Never bite the hand that feeds you”
Stonebwoy accepting a VGMA with Samini and Kelvyn Boy on stage.

African dancehall giant, Samini as the godfather of Stonebwoy and consequently Kelvyn Boy, has given his take on their recent outburst owing to Kelvyn Boy’s attack at Ashaiman. As the father figure to both musicians, he sought to set the record straight about his immense displeasure at the current state of their relationship.

Samini made these statements in a recent lengthy post on all his social media handles. He began his post by encouraging them to disallow negativity to meddle in their journey to greatness. He admonished them against the blame game, stating that:

“When one finger points at the bad guy the rest of the four points at the pointer.. woe onto the pointer if he goes around the point in circles only to miss it ”

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Moreover, Samini disclosed how elated he would be if all their differences got settled, allowing peace to prevail. However, he also admitted that under no circumstance should there be any disrespect towards the elderly or pacesetters. Thus, he does not agree with what Kelvyn Boy did or has been doing to Stonebwoy, the elderly.  And his reasons were:

“because it’s one TRUTH to NEVER bite the finger that feeds you. …if the finger chokes you? Quickly free yourself but try not to bite because it’s a RULE to not bite it no matter what.”

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Samini’s call for peace

Nonetheless, Samini admitted how difficult the phenomenon he just noted was. He, therefore, made a call on both Stonebwoy and Kelvyn Boy to come for a meeting to finally iron out their differences.

Meanwhile, as he ended his submission, he admonished Kelvyn Boy not to utter a word about it again. And pleaded with Stonebwoy, who he believes understands the game better to also let sleeping dogs lie.

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Read Samini’s post below:

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