Maloa Foundation aids hundreds of vulnerable people with safety and relief items

Maloa foundation aids hundreds of vulnerable people with safety and relieve items
Mickydary with some of the beneficiaries

Charity foundation, Maloa Foundation known for its numerous benevolent acts, continued its good works during the just ended partial lockdown in Ghana due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The foundation sought to provide some level of relief to as many vulnerable people as they could during the period of the lockdown.

As a result, the foundation was able to reach out to over 750 people, known to have found themselves in unbearable situations during the three weeks restriction on movement.

Maloa foundation aids hundreds of vulnerable people with safety and relieve items

You would agree with me that, a large section of our population employed in the informal sector of employment overrides those in the formal sector. These people mostly depend on what they earn in each day of work for survival. Most of these people hardly have enough to spend, talk less of saving it.

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Therefore, in an instance of a lockdown, as we experienced in the previous weeks, you need not be told the adversities many of such people would be embattled with.

That is why non-governmental organizations like the Maloa Foundation took it upon themselves to help alleviate the burden on the vulnerable in society. They were able to put together a package, which consisted of safety and relief items for distribution within the Greater Accra region.

The beneficiaries

Maloa Foundation was able to reach out to some vulnerable people around Independence Square and the children’s park, where homeless people had to be during the lockdown. Head potters (Kayeyas) at Darkuman and some beggars at Kaneshie Zongo Junction also had a share of these items. The items which included hand sanitizers, nose masks as well as food where shared throughout the final week of the lockdown, yes, all the seven days.

The desperation and the mad rush for the items was a clear indication of how direly most of these people needed the items. Blessings to Mr. Mickydary Yakubu who executed this act of benevolence under his Maloa Foundation.

Maloa foundation aids hundreds of vulnerable people with safety and relieve items

However, it did not end without some education about the safety measures to ensure during this pandemic.

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Moreover, Mickydary Yakubu further disclosed that it was hard controlling the teaming numbers that converged for the items. However, he acknowledged it could not have been easy without the help of some volunteers. Sergeant Asare Bediako of the Ghana Armed Forces was of great help security-wise, boundless gratitude to him for his support.

Finally, he thanked the Office of the Vice President, particularly Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for granting him the permit to undertake this task during the lockdown.


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