Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri’s wedding photo shoot with a cryptic message

Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri’s wedding photo shoot with a cryptic message
Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri

I know many of you all have long anticipated the news headline, ‘Kalybos marries Ahuofe Patri’. Well, it’s been so long. However, we recently spotted Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri’s wedding photoshoot on social media.

Not to say Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri are getting married but, it was just a wedding photoshoot advertisement for the wedding dress rental brand, RentAdress Nostress Ghana. Nonetheless, Kalybos’s caption on the post is cryptic.

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His caption read “love is a beautiful thing” in the video he posted, and “Mon Bebe @priscilla_opoku_agyeman…” as the post’s caption. Moreover, Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri kissed in the said wedding photoshoot video. Well, at least they almost did, Lol.

This, we think raises more than just an eyebrow, there is a cryptic message in there somewhere. We just can’t tell, but your guess may just be as good as ours. Check out the video below:

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