Shatta Wale reacts to news of his arrest

Shatta Wale reacts to news of his arrest

Dancehall multiple award-winner, Shatta Wale was arrested tonight, shortly after Nana Dope and Gangee were arrested. The three were arrested in connection with a gunshot attack hoax on Shatta Wale they pulled yesterday.

As at the time the news broke, it was not clear whether Shatta Wale turned himself in or the police busted and arrested him. Also, the police had earlier reported that they were pursuing Shatta and another suspect named Deportee.

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Therefore, in reaction to the news, he took to social media to shut any misinformants up. Shatta Wale revealed that he reported himself to the police.

“I came to report myself so shut the fuck up” He posted.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police in a subsequent report about his arrest confirmed that Shatta Wale turned himself in at 8:59 pm tonight.

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