Delay to arrest self-acclaimed former house help


Delay to arrest self-acclaimed former house help of hers

Top celebrated Ghanaian media personality, Delay wants her self-acclaimed past house help arrested. This follows the lady’s recent assertions about Delay on the premise of being her former house help.

In the wake of Delay’s 12-year feud with Afia Schwarzenegger, the latter disparaged Delay for being barren. However, this young took to social media to confess otherwise, claiming Delay has a daughter whom she knows.

The young lady made all sorts of revelations about Delay claiming she used to be her house help. Nonetheless, though Delay initially kept mute, she is now pursuing the lady on legal grounds.

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In a recent post on her Instagram handle, Delay posted a suit requesting for the lady to be found and investigated. Though she has henceforth deleted the post, still has a copy of it.

Check out Delay’s post below:

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