Efia Odo reveals her least price for sêx


Efia Odo reveals her least price for sêx

Actress Efia Edo asked her fans to share with her some of the craziest things they’ve heard about her. “The shit I hear about myself is crazy. What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard about me? I would love to hear this” she tweeted.

In reaction to some of the replies to this tweet, Efia Edo disclosed the least amount she would charge for sêx. Thus, the amount of money she would take if she would ever charge men for sêx.

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Efia Odo revealed she would charge at least $10,000 for the sêx. She would charge any amount above $10K and nothing less than that.

Meanwhile, the socialite said this in reaction to rumours she used to charge GHC 1,500 for sêx.

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