Randy Abbey reveals how Jackie Appiah built her mansion


Randy Abbey reveals how Jackie Appiah built her mansion

Ace broadcaster, Randy Abbey shares details of how Jackie Appiah’s mansion was built. He was reacting to the awful misconceptions being peddled by Ghanaians about the actress.

Jackie Appiah’s mansion popped up online after Luchy Donalds shared a video of it. Ever since then, many have raised doubts about how she could afford such a luxurious mansion.

In view of this, Randy Abbey disclosed details of how the mansion was built. He noted that Jackie Appiah started building her mansion about 10 years ago.

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Moreover, he even visited the project sight 9 ago with Jackie Appiah and her manager, Samira Yakubu. Jackie Appiah’s uncle was the one building it, he was the contractor. Besides, the fact that Jackie Appiah has not spoken about her other businesses does not mean she only acts in films.

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