Afia Schwarzenegger reveals why Delay became her worst enemy


Afia Schwarzenegger reveals why Delay became her worst enemy.

Delay created Afia Schwarzenegger by staring her in her hit drama series, Afia Schwarzenegger. Yes, Delay was the reason why Afia Schwarzenegger became a household name, thus very popular in Ghana.

However, Delay is now Afia Schwarzenegger’s worst enemy. Quite an irony, right? Well, the actress who first played the character in the TV series now details why they parted ways.

Thus, Afia Schwarzenegger finally reveals what Delay did to her, which made her her worst enemy. According to Afia Schwarzenegger, Delay never paid her for acting in the TV series. So, though Delay made her very popular, she was as hungry as a rat.

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Meanwhile, Afia Schwarzenegger chronicled what happened between her and Delay on United Showbiz. Watch the video below:
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