2022/2023 GNPC Scholarship portal opened for applications


2022/2023 GNPC Scholarship portal opened for applications.

The annual Ghana National Petroleum Corporation(GNPC) Scholarship is open for 2022/2023 applications. Interested students are entreated to visit the GNPC Scholarship portal to apply for the scholarship. The prospective applicants can either be level 100 students or continuing students. SHS leavers may also apply after getting admission this year.

Thus, the GNPC Scholarship is open to all Ghanaian students pursuing tertiary education at accredited tertiary institutions. Applicants may either be an undergraduate or postgraduate students. Let us now run you through the application process.

How to apply for GNPC Scholarship 2022/2023

First of all, visit the GNPC Scholarship portal, https://www.gnpcfoundation.org/apply/pages/login.php

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Create an account via the Create an Account section. Here, ensure to provide your correct and active email address and phone number.

Afterward, an email would be sent to you to confirm your registration. Open the email and confirm to access your GNPC Scholarship Application Form Pin. NOTE: If you don’t find the email in your inbox, check your Spam box or Junk mail for it.

After the confirmation, visit https://www.gnpcfoundation.org/apply/pages/login.php to fill out the application form. Ensure all details are filled out correctly.

Also, note,

i. Continuing students should upload their current academic transcript.

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ii. Students with disability should upload a medical report to back their claims.

GNPC Scholarship 2022/2023 qualification criteria

  1. GNPC Scholarship applicants must be Ghanaian and a freshman or Continuing student of an accredited tertiary institution.
  2. Students studying Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  3. Physically challenged students.
  4. Students offering Special Needs Education and Basic Education (B. Ed) programs.

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