Nicki Minaj comes to Ghana soon to work with Ghanaian artist


Nicki Minaj comes to Ghana soon to work with Ghanaian artist, it’s something major, she says.

Global rap icon, Nicki Minaj reveals she is coming to Ghana soon. She broke the exciting news when a fan asked her when she is coming to Ghana. She admitted she is dying to come to Ghana and she actually got a lot up her sleeves for Ghana.

Nicki Minaj is coming to Ghana to do something major with a Ghanaian artist, she revealed. She further noted that it is a business deal between her and the Ghanaian artist and she would be in Ghana very soon for that.

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Meanwhile, the ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker made these revelations in her recent Instagram live video, where she was addressing the brouhaha regarding her Grammy nominations. Watch the video below:

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