Majid Michel in YOLO season 6, a mega comeback for TWDFL and YOLO reunion


Majid Michel in YOLO season 6, a mega comeback for TWDFL and YOLO reunion.

Ghana’s finest best actor, Majid Michel returns in YOLO season six. He makes a major comeback for the sixth season of the YOLO TV series. The award-winning actor was part of the Things We Do For Love(TWDFL) TV series, which’s sequel is YOLO (You Only Live Once) TV series.

The present-day YOLO TV series is Ghana’s most popular and most widely patronized adolescent sexual reproductive health education series. The new season of the much-anticipated TV series is a reunion of all the cast of Things We Do For Love and its new-age version, YOLO. It is dubbed Over 20 years after ‘Things We Do For Love.’

Moreover, the all-new mega season YOLO brings you even more drama and enthralling suspense as Majid Michel returns. It is sure to have you glued to your screens as it unfolds. With the usual Jackie Appiah and Adjetey Anang and all your favorite youth characters, you cannot afford to miss even a second of it.

Meanwhile, season six of YOLO hits your screens soon as the producers wrap up production. It is still a Farmhouse production and I guess you know what that means. Anticipate.

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