“The Moon Is Painted”, Giack Bazz’s first single of 2024.


“The Moon Is Painted” Giack Bazz’s first single release for 2024, is a mind blowing track that is rich with quality sound and incredible delivery. “This Blade-Runner-esque wall of sound will make you think about the future that awaits humanity” he cited in a commentary.

Giack Bazz
Giack Bazz

The much anticipated single of  his has taken a little longer before release but it’s finally here for his fans who have been agitating they have been starving for a while now. It's however, no surprise Giack is breaking this long silence with a well crafted masterpiece of art. It was very much expected.

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This new single is an anthemic and indie rock song which was initially conceived on a Pocket Operator by Teenager Engineering. It actually started as a simple lead line then metamorphosed into a powerful earworm chorus with the band. On the lead was the bass trombone hook and a choir of six (6) melodious singers.

In about less than five years now, Bazz has succeeded in crafting a wide spectrum of ideas and concepts with his discography that a lot artists who came to light long before him could get to in their lifetime yet.

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It’s no brag if we say Giack Bazz is one of the best yet, kingly dive into his incredible and melodious world of sweet music on any of the streaming platforms to testify for yourself.

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