Go big or go home for Ghanaians in My Perfect Funeral, now streaming


Go big or go home for Ghanaians in My Perfect Funeral, now streaming.

“Now in Ghana, if there are no pallbearers, they’ll rate it as a poor funeral,” Benjamin Aidoo says at the very beginning of the new Ghanaian reality series, My Perfect Funeral, now streaming on Showmax.

The 10-part Showmax Original reality series follows five families in Ghana as they prepare to bury their loved ones. With two episodes dedicated to each family, the series explores the different stages for the funeral, and also features POVs and confessional sessions from key family members.

Some families are of course richer than others but as My Perfect Funeral shows, families will go the extra mile to give their loved ones a fitting burial – from putting up billboards to themed coffins to dancing pallbearers like Benjamin Aidoo and his team.

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“We’re the number one pallbearers in Ghana. We added the dancing to it, and nobody can take that away from us,” Benjamin declares in the first episode of My Perfect Funeral.

In episode 1 and 2, we follow the burial preparations of Tommy Lee, a friend who’s dear to Benjamin’s heart: one of his best dancers and a pioneer of his now famous pallbearing business.

The show’s second funeral preparations (episode 3-4) take us into the lavish home of Dorcas Affo-Toffey, the MP for Jomoro Constituency, as she, her daughter (singer Fantana) and the rest of the family prepare to bury her mother Mary Afo Danyi.

The reality series also captures the dramatic side of funerals as it’s not always a smooth and pomp affair. Amidst the preparations and celebrations, there’s family drama, like wives refusing to attend funerals of cheating spouses, differences of opinion in traditions, and even unprecedented technical issues that bring a ceremony to a standstill.

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My Perfect Funeral is executive produced by Deloris Frimpong Manso (The Delay Show) with Michael Asanted Boateng directing and Joyce Frimpong producing.

My Perfect Funeral is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

Watch trailer:

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