Ghana SHS pip KNUST SHS in low-scoring contest


Ghana SHS and KNUST SHS faced off in the last contest of the Second Round series of Senior Sharks 7.

Even though it was one of the low scoring contests in Senior Sharks 7, it produced its own dose of twists and turns to excite fans. Based on their super exceptional display against Achimota School in the First Round, Ghana SHS were coming with the heat. And they did start on a very bright note in Social Literacy, but also let themselves down with a combination of poorly thought-through responses in subsequent rounds.

KNUST SHS who were representing the last of the Ranked Schools was far from a school bent on winning this contest. They were traveling at a snail’s pace throughout the contest, seemingly disinterested. But somehow they slowly tiptoed behind Ghana SHS (Ghanasco) and almost caught them off-guard.

Ghana SHS and Tamale, hanged on by their lives to win this contest and book their flight into the world of Ranked Schools.

The Sharks Quiz stage

Right Corner Round

Ghana SHS has shown that they are up there with the best when it comes to Social Literacy. Another starry performance led by the brilliant Farida gave them fifty (50) points at the end of the round. KNUST SHS took their turn and did themselves no good as they ended with twenty (20) points.

R Cubed Round

Ghana SHS were explosive at this stage in their last contest against Achimota School.
Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t to be in this contest, as they kept hitting a blind wall, question after question. KNUST SHS were no better, but their decision to stay off questions inured to their overall benefit. None of them had any positive score at the end of the round, with Ghana SHS shattered by having negative twenty-five (-25) points while KNUST SHS had negative fifteen (-15) points.

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STEM Round

Coming off a disastrous R Cubed Round for both schools, they both decided to think long and hard before they buzzed. Ghana SHS attempted only one question hoping to be in the good books of quizmistress but it didn’t work. KNUST neutralized their only correct answer to leave them with zero (0) points at the end of the round while Ghanasco had negative five (-5).

One-on-one Round

The contest was starting all over again, as both schools had equal chances of winning it. Across the dais from Leonard as English expert for KNUST was Andani repping Ghana SHS. It was the latter specialist who lighted up the round with an answer to the second idiom.

Nathaniel and Huudu, after their introduction as Math Sharks for KNUST SHS and Ghana SHS respectively were seen busily at work. But their working didn’t produce any results. Science Specialists were in the persons of Kelvin for KNUST SHS and Godwin for Ghana SHS respectively.

Godwin’s two interruptions to the reading of the clues were all returned as not correct. Kelvin had all the patience in the world to buzz and he hit the second question correctly. Farida and Andrews came and were announced as General Knowledge experts for Ghana SHS and KNUST SHS respectively. Andrews correctly decoded the first question but he missed the second question by inches.
What a big relief for the whole Ghanasco team. At the end of the round, Ghana SHS were with ten (10) points whereas KNUST SHS had twenty (20) points.

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Final Scores gave KNUST SHS twenty-five (25) points and Ghana SHS thirty (30) points. Ghana SHS will have to go back to the drawing board to rediscover the winning formula that gave them a standing ovation win against Achimota School. Otherwise their beautiful Senior Sharks 7 story will be blighted. Congratulations to them and better luck next time, KNUST SHS.

The Quiz Results

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