Cool as ice! Wesley Girl’s make light work of Wallahs


Wesley Girl’s High School, Cape Coast, nervelessly beat Wallahs Academy, Ho, to advance to the Round of 16 of Senior Sharks 7.

In retrospect, this Second Round match may have given the Senior Sharks 4 champions progression into the next stage on a silver platter. Wesley Girl’s High School’s (Wey Gey Hey) depth was overwhelmingly disproportionate to Wallahs’ in this contest.

Prior to this contest, Wallahs had shown great determination in their last contest to dump St. Catherine SHS out of the competition. But all the strength they possessed coming into this contest soon dissipated against the formidable Wesleyans.

It was simply a tall order, and no amount of physical or spiritual enablement was going to aid Wallahs on this perilous journey. By this win, Wesley Girls have in the least retained their Ranked School badge which is befitting of their status as the only Girls school to win Senior Sharks.

Right Corner Round

Wallahs Academy was first to be bombarded with eight questions on Social Literacy. In the two minutes given to come up with answers, they were able to come up with only one correct answer to fetch them ten (10) points. Wesley Girl’s were not at their best either, but thirty (30) points in comparison was very much acceptable.

R Cubed Round

Renowned as excellent grammarians, Wesley Girl’s High School lived up to their accolade with well-timed answers in the Reading and Writing segment. They kept their nerves to get two questions in the Arithmetic segment, albeit with two incorrect calls also. Wallahs Academy were finding life difficult and ended the round with negative five (-5) points while Wesley Girls scored twenty (20) points.

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STEM Round

Onward and upward they went- as Wesley Girl’s picked the first riddle of the round with finesse. Wesley Girl’s made more accurate interruptions while Wallahs Academy also put in two correct buzzes.
At the end of the round, Wallahs Academy had fifteen (15) points while Wey Gey Hey were ahead with thirty (30) points.

One-on-one Round

If all things were held constant, and Wallahs Academy answered six questions correctly for sixty (60) points, the first shock of this competition would be recorded. The viability of such an idea was to be seen in the experts: with Emmanuel and Akorfala appearing for Wallahs and Wey Gey Hey respectively.

Akorfala tried her luck on the two questions, but came up short. Elorm and Annabella for Wallahs and Gey Hey respectively in Math showed up next. Again, Annabella put her best out, but it wasn’t enough. Thywill and Phylis were presented as Science whizzes from Wallahs and Wesley Girl’s respectively.
Phyllis took the second question with no pressure to give Gey Hey ten (10) more points.

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In General Knowledge, Brian and Adelaide made up the pair of Specialists for Wallahs and Gey Hey respectively. Adelaide completed the routing of Wallahs Academy when she answered all two questions.

End of Round scores had thirty (30) points for Wesley Girl’s and Wallahs Academy with zero (0) points. Final scores then gave twenty (20) points to Wallahs Academy and Wesley Girls, one hundred (100) points.

Against Wallahs Academy, Wesley Girl’s did not have the kind of test fans were looking for. Their next contest will give us a hint as to whether they are in to win a second Senior Sharks trophy. Congratulations to them and better luck to Wallahs Academy.

Final Quiz Results

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