I said ‘no’ to being a judge on Mentor reloaded – Mark Okraku-Mantey

I said 'no' to being a judge on Mentor reloaded - Mark Okraku-Mantey

Remembering shades of the Mentor days, the most popular judge i would say was Mark Okraku Mantey. He was known for his feature of being quite hard to please on the show. Many were elated hearing the news of a massive comeback of the reality show, which went on a long hiatus after running 7 seasons. However, many too were not quite excited about the exclusion of Mark from this new season dubbed Mentor Reloaded.

The list which was released after the launch of the comeback season saw the names of Adina, Trigmatic and Bisa Simons being mentioned as judges. Meanwhile, though reactions from the show lovers suggested their desire for Mark Okraku Mantey’s inclusion, his recent interview with Hitz FM suggests he rather turned down the offer. Answering the question of why he will not be part of the new edition of the singing reality show, he disclosed:

i am not going to be part of Mentor, it was the prerogative of Mentor to want to have me and Dominic on the show. It is also our prerogative to say no

In explanation to that, he added:

When we go for parties and other engagements out there, people ask me when we are coming back, As if i am the owner of Mentor. It is only prudent that we have become part of stakeholders and there, the relationship must be kept. If you do not plan with me and you think i can just come at anytime you call me, that wouldn’t be fair .

Mentor is a very rewarding television singing reality show, organised by one of Ghana’s leading broadcasting networks, TV3.

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