Shatta Wale finally explains why he had no hit song in 2020 “waste of time”

Shatta Wale finally explains why he had no hit song in 2020

Internationally acclaimed Ghanaian dancehall boss, Shatta Wale has finally explained why he probably did not have a hit song in 2020.

The dancehall act was speaking to why he has not been releasing songs this year, as much as he did in previous years. Thus, why he did not release any major hit song in 2020.

Shatta Wale questioned that why would he waste his time releasing songs when he could be doing business?

“They thought I will waste my time for corona, 🤣🤣🤣🤣 —-_ too much business minded”

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He explained that if he releases songs this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic no promoter will be willing to take him on tour. And besides, he has nobody to impress.

“If I drop a song now in COVID, which promoter will take me on a tour, no one !!!
Think ooo think cuz I SHATTA WALE don’t have anyone to impress ….NEVER!!!”

However, Shatta Wale further noted that he also took time to research into his genre, Dancehall. He then assured that he had achieved the biggest feats with his Gift Of God album, slated for release next year. Therefore, his fans should rather anticipate the release of that major project come 2021.

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“So I decided to do a little research in Dancehall and I swear 2 God we have achieved the greatest for the upcoming #GOGALBUM2021”

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