Unprofessional questions! Wendy Shay angrily walks out on Nana Romeo’s interview.

Unprofessional questions! Wendy Shay angrily walks out on Nana Romeo’s interview.
Wendy Shay

The radio presenter, Nana Romeo currently with Accra FM was recently in the news for embarrassing Kidi over his lateness to an interview with him. Well, looks like we have not seen it all yet as he is in the news again, but this time around with Wendy Shay.

Nana Romeo during his interview put it directly to Wendy Shay that, she was dating her record label boss and manager, Bullet but keeps denying it. Wendy Shay quickly shot down his claims down asking why he has to make such claims. Does he live with her?

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However, he went on to say that, before he made that statement he had evidence to back it. So why does she not want to come clear on the matter? He then asked her whether he should release the evidence.

According to Wendy Shay, those questions were unprofessional. He was literally putting it to her that she sleeps with Bullet. Wendy Shay had this to say to him before angrily walking out on the interview:

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“sei na 3b3 y3 de3 then I have to quit[if this is how the interview is going to turn out then I have to quit]… Me ntumi ntina ha mma wo mmusa me Unprofessional questions a 3mfa 3mfa biribi ara mbr3 me brand. [I cant sit here and watch you ask me unprofessional questions, which adds nothing to my brand] What do mean s3 wo w) prove a wo de reba 3b3 kyer3 s3 me ne Bullet 3wo h) nom? [what do you mean by you have prove to show that Bullet and I are dating?]

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…s3 mpo me ne Bullet 3da ho a ad3n )ny3 bariam? Me nso y3 )baa [more so, even if I happen to be sleeping with Bullet, is he not a man? And I am also a woman]… Me ne no nni h)[I am not dating him], thank you very much for this interview. I think s3 if this is the question na wo de me reb3 to spot de3 then we have to cut it[if you are trying to put me on the spot with these questions, then I have to quit the interview] NO! NO! 3wo s3 me k)[I have to go]… S3 wo de b3 y3 obi a 3y3 me Wendy Shay me pakyew[You can pull this stunt on anybody but not me Wendy Shay]

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Meanwhile, Nana Romeo still kept on pursuing the same answers he wanted from Wendy Shay, despite her registering her displeasure about how the questions were being asked. Moreover, even before she left the radio premises, he still defended his questions stating that he only wanted to give her the opportunity to explain herself.

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Watch it below:

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