Beyonce finally confirms she was in Ghana to shoot her BLACK IS KING film. Shatta Wale got a warm hug from Beyonce

Beyonce finally confirms she was in Ghana to shoot her BLACK IS KING film. Shatta Wale got a warm hug from Beyonce
Beyonce and Shatta Wale

During the latter part of last year, late December precisely Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles was in Ghana. As soon as she arrived, the news of her arrival broke and she was later even spotted hanging out Stonebwoy’s wife, Dr Louisa after she visited her(Louisa) in her shop. Basically, Beyoncé’s mom’s every move in Ghana were no secret to anyone.

Beyonce finally confirms she was in Ghana to shoot her BLACK IS KING film. Shatta Wale got a warm hug from Beyonce
Tina Knowles with Stonebwoy’s wife, Louisa

Tina Knowles’ presence in Ghana also sparked rumours Beyoncé herself was also in the country, but nobody could actually prove Beyoncé’s presence here because there was no solid evidence to back the claim. Moreover, at a point Beyoncés mom herself too debunked the rumour, so little did anyone know she was actually in the country for her project.

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Fast-forward to this year, when Beyoncé announced the release of her visual album, Black Is King, everything was still not clear. Not even when Shatta Wale mentioned in an interview with Paul Adom-Otchere on Good Evening Ghana, that Beyoncé had shot the video for her song, ‘Already’ which features him.

Beyonce’s BLACK IS KING film

Meanwhile, when a snippet of the yet to be released visual album of Beyoncé, Black Is King was leaked, and Shatta Wale was spotted in it, some of the locations seen were suspected to be in Ghana. Just as suspected, Beyoncé has finally let the cat out of the bag, as she confirms she was in Ghana for the film shoot.

The world music idol was speaking in a video she sent to Good Morning America talking about the film, set to be premiered on Disney+ on 31 July. Beyoncé was mentioning the countries she visited to shoot her Black is King film. And to the confirmation of the suspicion of many Ghanaians, she mentioned Ghana as part of those countries.

Beyonce revealed: “… from my house to Johannesburg, to Ghana, to London, to Belgium, to the grand Kenyan, it was truly a journey to bringing this film to life”

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Beyonce’s Black Is King film has been trending in Ghana for some time now, following the leaked snippet and the subsequently released official trailer, which saw Shatta Wale being a key part of the film.

Now that Beyoncé has finally confirmed she was in Ghana, it further got social media buzzing in excitement for Shatta Wale’s major feat and Ghana’s part in the history-making film. Beyonce warmly hugging Shatta Wale is even part of the social media discussions.

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So I ask, if Beyonce was actually in Ghana, how did she manage to keep everybody in the dark about her presence here? How she pulled that off really baffles me!

Black Is King is a few hours away from streaming exclusively on Disney+, do not miss it.

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